If you observe yourself sleeping on a side all over the night, it depicts your sleeping practices in check with many grown-ups. Advanced Sleep Medicine Services said side sleeping is contemplated as one of the most common sleeping postures. Side sleeping gets up with several advantages over any other sleeping posture, including; better and refined digestion, healthier breathing, and, last but not least, a safe spine alliance. Not just that, the side of your bed says much about you and your personality traits as well. Researches show that your bedsides also suggest your moods, attitudes towards your work, and most shockingly, even your salary as well. Let’s not waste time and move towards the side beds you choose and their correlation to your personality.
1) Positive Outlook
Those who prefer sleeping on the left side of the bed seem to owe lively personalities. Such people who choose the left side of the bed are good at handling stress and pressure. According to research, about sixty-six percent of those who prefer the left side of the bed retaliate impassively in a situation full of mess and dilemmas. They own a confident personality with a positive outlook on life than those who sleep on the right side who are more short-tempered.
2) Money-Makers
Those who look for the right side of the bed are considered to make more money than those searching for the left side. Although they don’t own a positive outlook for life, they are more grounded and prepared for the worst situations, making the perfect match with the left side partners.
3) Brawl
Without any conjecture, people who sleep on the left side don’t go for the side changes with the partner because of the preference and dullness. But, these fights are a case among 1 in 10 partners. Conflicts involve several arguments like an urge for a spacious bed or a better vision of TV.
4) Finding Security While Enclosed
Those who go through claustrophobia, i.e., fear of impounded places, don’t prefer the wall side of the bed. Because it gets more challenging for them to wake up with the wall, as it makes them feel more confined. Those who feel secure in limited places circumvent sleeping next to the door or window prefers to sleep next to the wall.
5) Arguing for Bed Sides
About ten percent of the couples fight over their side of the bed, leaving one of the partners unsatisfied about the final discussion. Because both of them could be those who prefer the right flanks, making the person on the left grumpier. Research suggests that about 75% of people believe that they would not have a comfortable sleep on the bed’s opposing side.
6) The Practical Ones
Some people profess that their choices of sleeping at the respective sides are related to feasibility than personality. Sleeping closer to the radiator, away from the exterior noise, being close or away from the children, or preferring windows or walls are some reasons for choosing their sides of the bed.